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District 10

Quận 10

Urban district

Clockwise from top: Workers' Statue at Ngã Bảy Roundabout, Thống Nhất Stadium, and Hòa Bình Theater

Position in Ho Chi Minh City's metropolitan area

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Position in Ho Chi Minh City's metropolitan area

District 10 is located in Vietnam

District 10

District 10

Coordinates: 10°46′25″N 106°40′2″E / 10.77361°N 106.66722°E
Country Vietnam
Centrally governed cityHo Chi Minh City
Seat474 Ba Tháng Hai
Wards15 phường
 • Total5.7181 km2 (2.2078 sq mi)
Elevation2 m (7 ft)


 • Total239,053
 • Density42,000/km2 (110,000/sq mi)
 • Main ethnic groupspredominantly Kinh
Time zoneUTC+07 (ICT)

District 10 (Vietnamese: Quận 10) is an urban district (quận) of Ho Chi Minh City, the largest đô thị in Vietnam.

As of 2017, the district had a population of 239,053 and an area of 5.7181 km², occupying 0.24% of the city's total land area.[1] It is divided into 15 small subsets which are called wards (phường), numbered from Ward 1 vĩ đại Ward 15.

Geographical location[edit]

Administrative divisions of District 10

District 10 borders Tân Bình District vĩ đại the north, District 5 vĩ đại the south, District 3 vĩ đại the east, and District 11 vĩ đại the west.

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