Elevitmom is formulated in the sườn of softgels, providing a full range of vitamins, DHA and essential minerals for women during the period of conception, pregnancy and lactation. So what is Elevitmom and what does it do?

1. What effect does Elevitmom have?

Before answering the question, what effect does Elevitmom have? Let's find out what Elevitmom is? Elevitmom is made in the sườn of a soft capsule, containing the following ingredients: 500mcg Vi-Ta-Min A, 50mg Vi-Ta-Min C, 2.5mcg Vi-Ta-Min D3, 7mg Vi-Ta-Min E, 5mg Vi-Ta-Min B1, 5mg Riboflavin, 5mg Niacin, 5mg Vi-Ta-Min B6, 10mcg Vi-Ta-Min B12, 1,333mcg DFE (800mcg Folic acid) Folate, 4.4mg Pantothenic Acid, 46mg Calcium, 15mg Iron, 75mcg Iodine, 48mg Magnesium, 8mg Zinc, 23mcg Potassium, 30mg EPA, 130mg DHA.
Uses of Elevitmom include:
Supplementing with essential vitamins, minerals, DHA and EPA, meeting the nutritional needs of pregnant and lactating women; Support to tướng reduce fatigue and relieve symptoms of discomfort, morning sickness in pregnancy; at the same time to tướng improve health and strengthen resistance for pregnant women. Experts recommend that Elevitmom should be used for:
Women who are planning to tướng become pregnant, are pregnant, are breastfeeding; Adults and the elderly (take medication when indicated).

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2. Usage and dosage of Elevitmom

Elevitmom how to tướng drink is the question of many people. According to tướng experts, Elevitmom should be taken 1 tablet / day every morning right after eating.
Currently, there are no cases of overdose when using Elevitmom. If a dose of Elevitmom is missed, the user should take it as soon as possible. If it is almost time for the next dose, skip the missed dose and take the next dose as usual.

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3. Notes when using Elevitmom tablets

Some notes users need to tướng remember before and while taking Elevitmom tablets:
Some side effects of Elevitmom: Headache, loss of appetite, fatigue, constipation, skin rash, allergies, dry mouth , nausea, vomiting,... If experiencing adverse side effects when taking the drug, the user should immediately notify the doctor; The product contains soy milk, which is easy to tướng cause allergies for people who are intolerant to tướng this substance; Do not use Elevitmom for people who are sensitive to tướng any of the ingredients in the product or who have melanoma, severe kidney failure; The product is not a medicine, it does not have the effect of replacing medicine; There are no drug interaction studies, users should inform their doctor about the drugs they are taking. Read the instructions on the drug label carefully or follow your doctor's advice before taking it; Elevitmom oral tablets should not be used when the pill box is dented, the tablet changes color, has expired,...; Store the medicine in a cool place, away from moisture or direct sunlight. Elevitmom should not be stored in the refrigerator or bathroom. Elevitmom oral tablet supplement many important nutrients for pregnant women and fetuses. When using this product, users should strictly follow the doctor's instructions for the best effect.

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