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Chinese Drama 2023

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My Lethal Man poster

  • Genre: Romance, Mystery
  • Release Date: 13 January 2023
  • Origin: China
  • Cdrama: 24 Episodes


  • Fan Zhi Xin as Yan Xing Cheng / Yan Yi
  • Li Mo Zhi as Shen Man Ning | Zhuang Xin Yan
  • Li Yi Zhen as Tang Lin
  • Chang Zhe Kuan as Lin Mu Fan
  • Li Xin Ran as Rao Mei Na
  • Wang Xu Dong as Fang Xiang
  • Qiu Ding Jie as Yuan Shuai
  • Li Zhi Fan as Zhuang Jia Kai
  • Liang Guo Rong as Zhuang Cheng An
  • Li Bin as Lin Guang Yi
  • Xu Hai Wei as Yan Li
  • Wang Ye as Da Yang
  • Shi Xu Ci as Secretary Qiao
  • He Chu Qing as Zhuang Cai Xuan [Young]
  • Zeng Yun Zhen as Zhuang Cai Xuan

Episode 1

I am looking forward to lớn this drama because it stars Fan Zhi Xin who I thought was a very underrated actor.  He’s got everything but he had not been given meatier roles.

Wow!  I lượt thích this first episode.

Yang Xing Cheng is engaged to lớn Zhuang Xin Yan who had been missing for quite some time.

Finally, he found her in Italy but their reunion did not turned up as he wanted it to lớn be.  In fact, it was tragic.

Shen Man Niang was also in Italy, studying design.  She was about to lớn graduate and looking forward to lớn going back to lớn Trung Quốc.

She was on her way to lớn her dorm when someone told her that someone from Trung Quốc was looking for her.

She was curious and went to lớn meet a guy who told her that he was going to lớn bring her trang chính.  She asked who he was.  He was surprise that she did not recognise or remember him.  He called her Shuang Xin Yan

Manniang told him that she was not Shuang Xinyan.  She was Shen Manniang.  The guy showed her his mobile phone with a photo of someone who looks exactly lượt thích her.

She was shocked but she told him that they tự look alike but she is not the girl he was looking for.

She was still perplexed with what had occured when she came face to lớn face with her doppelganger. They were both shocked but they did not say to lớn one another.

The next thing Manniang knew was being abducted.  The real Xinyan found out about it and went to lớn rescue Manniang.

Unfortunately, Xinyan and Manniang then crashed into a truck.  Xinyan covered her and begged her to lớn liên hệ Yang Xing Cheng and take back the LH Star company.

They were found by Yang Xing Cheng and taken to lớn the hospital.  Xinyan died. Manniang lived but she was blind.  So Xinyan’s cornea was transplanted to lớn her.

When she woke up after two weeks, the first person she saw was Yang Xing Cheng who told her that she was his fiancee and she was Shuang Xinyan,

Manniang told him that she was not Xinyan but Xing Cheng told her that she is no longer Manniang as Xinyun died saving her and even her eyes are Xinyun.

Manniang would not have it so sánh she tried to lớn kill herself but she realised that she owe Xinyun her life so sánh she will fulfill what Xinyun asked her to lớn tự.

Episode 2

Manniang is back in Trung Quốc as Xinyan.  With Yang Xing Cheng with her, she went to lớn get her inheritance and prevented her cousin from usurping the company.

Manniang was having problems pretending to lớn be Xinyan and Xing Cheng was not happy about it.  he warned her that if she gets found out as a kém chất lượng, she will be dead.

She almost got found out when Lin Mu Fan, the Chinese guy she met who was looking for Xinyun recognised her as Shen Manniang.  She tried to lớn make him believe that she was Xinyan.

Xing Cheng told her later that she must forget being Manniang. She can only be Xinyan.

Episode 3

Poor Manniang had a proper breakdown after she had to lớn undergo a bloodtest which will show she was a kém chất lượng.  She told Xing Cheng that she can’t tự it anymore.

Xing Cheng left her sobbing in the park but came back to lớn give her a real passport and told her to lớn go back to lớn university and never show her face again.

Xing Cheng then went to lớn kidnap the comatose Grandpa Shuang.

Meanwhile, Rao Meina, Manniang’s stepsister is back from Italy.

Episode 4

Manniang changed her mind.  She wanted to lớn stay in Trung Quốc and help and protect Xing Cheng against the money-grabbing family of Xinyan.

She became more confident.

Meanwhile, Xing Cheng returned Grandpa to lớn the hospital.

Grandpa is compos mentis; he the announced that he was giving LH Star as well as the House of Zhuang to lớn Xinyan.

Knowing that Manniang is in greater danger, Xing Cheng told her that they should live together.

Yeah, I am loving this drama.

Episode 5

Fang Xiang and Yuan Shuai brought in Xing Cheng’s clothes to lớn Manniang’s bedroom.

Aww, the leads have so sánh much chemistry.  They are so sánh đáng yêu.

Anyway, Xinyan (Manniang) took over the helm of the company.  Xing Cheng told her to lớn order that financial reports and documents are brought into her office

Between Manniang, Xing Cheng, and Fang Xiang, they managed to lớn make heads and tails of the trương mục and knew immediately that the real financial document of foreign investments is missing.  They then raced to lớn the airport to lớn catch the financial manager who was told to lớn go on holiday abroad.

Episode 6

They managed to lớn find the Accounts Manager before he left for abroad.  Xing Cheng, Manniang, Fang Xiang and Yuan Shuai worked round the clock for three days to lớn find solutions on repaying LH Stars bond crisis in the next 40 hours.

They did manage it but as soon as one problem is solved, another one arises.

Episode 7

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LH Star was blamed for plagiarising the work of Luminous Group.

Being not sure of what was the truth, Manniang convinced Xing Cheng to lớn just withdraw what they already submitted and just start doing new designs from scratch.

While Manniang was left alone in her office designing some new pieces, someone locked her door from the outside and put poison gas on the ventilator.

Poor Manniang almost died and had to lớn be given resuscitation by Xing Cheng.

Episode 8

Grandpa suggested for Xinyun and Xing Cheng to lớn hold a grand engagement tiệc ngọt.

Manning actually suggested that they got engaged to lớn Xing Cheng.  Xing Cheng was shocked at first but finally agreed and promised her that he will tell her everything about him.

Bloody annoying Meina turned up and shouted Manniang during the engagement ritual.

Episode 9 – 10

Because of Meina’s stunt, Tang LIn became suspicious of Manniang.  So she started testing Manniang in the most nerve-racking way.  It is so sánh good that Manniang has a photographic memory, she remembers most things including what the late Xinyun had told her.

Even Lin Mu Fan started to lớn doubt Manniang as being Xiyun.

But Manniang had another problem, someone from the company ordered drinks from her father’s cửa hàng.  He and Meina’s mother was in the lobby when Manniang was just leaving the building.

Episode 11

Xincheng took Lin Fu Man to lớn a place where he confessed who he really was and that Xiyun is dead.

Manniang’s father was sure that she was his daughter bu she was saved by grandpa, who explained about doppelgangers.  Grandpa said that perhaps when Manniang comes trang chính, she could meet Xiyun.  The father was finally reassured.

Tang Lin was so sánh annoyed that another of her plans did not come through.  But she had another one off her sleeves because she had researched the real Manniang and her father was so sánh không tính phí with information about Manniang.  Tang Lin found out about Manniang’s extreme allergy to lớn mangoes.

So she went to lớn the Zhuang and brought rice and mangoes delicacy as a peace offering to lớn Xiyun.

Episode 12

Manniang did not have a choice so sánh she ate the mango rice.  She then excuse herself to lớn have a lie down as she was tired.

Xingchen found her almost collapsed on the top of the stairs. She was covered in rashes and had difficulty breathing.  He took her to lớn the en-suite bathroom and made her drink a glass of water with shampoo so sánh she would be sick to lớn throw up what she ate. He then took care of her and put her to lớn bed.

Despite being ill, Manniang wanted a bit of loving and would not let Xingchen leave even for a minute so sánh he ended up sleeping with her tucked into his gorgeous arms.












Episode 24

Grandpa is dead by this time. He revealed that he knew that Zhuang Cai Xuan caused the accident of her sister, Zhuang Mei Xuan, and her husband and son.  Only the son survived, that was Yan Xincheng.  Then Cai Xuan arranged the death of Xiyun.

Grandpa on he recorded before his death that he could not go to lớn the police because Cai Xuan is his daughter and really the nearest relative left.

Cai Xuan raved in despair.  She said that Grandpa made her as she was. She was his illegitimate daughter and was made aware of it every second she lived with him and Mei Xuan was growing up.  Though Mei Xuan was kind, they hardly interacted as Grandpa did not lượt thích his shining angel Mei Xuan being with Cai Xuan.  Cai Xuan hated her father and promised herself she will take everything he has got for herself.

Cai Xuan was going mental and ran into the walled garden.

Then it went seriously stupid. Suddenly a very ill-looking Mei Xuan appeared on a wheelchair. Apparently, she did not die but as good as.  She was saved by a villager and she had been ill for years.  Even her mental health did not look good.

Then all of a sudden she lost her frailty (???) and walked to lớn Cai Xuan who could not believe what she was seeing.

Mei Xuan told her that she misunderstood their father.  He had always cared for Cai Xuan.  He even created a company for her.

But it was too late for Cai Xuan as she is a killer bitch. LOL

Anyway, happy ending for Xincheng and Manniang.

Tang Lin and Mu Fan got together and so sánh did Meina and Fang Xiang.

The End

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