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It also happens through information exchange that allows the emergence of cognitive distinction between players.

Cognitive factors involved in preserving a phonetic contrast.

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These are now seen to lớn be only a small element of a complex system driven by concerns other kêu ca the purely cognitive.

Such studies have been very useful in mapping the cognitive architecture of human short-term memory to lớn specific brain regions.

As is too common among cognitive scientists, they equate mental representations with representations of external physical objects.

Nevertheless, we consider them here for their insight into systems that acquire representations appropriate for a cognitive tên miền through a learning process.

We incline to lớn think that the latter change, in contrast to lớn the former, represents a cognitive improvement in our condition.

He is a cognitive neuroscientist studying the roles of sleep and dreaming in off-line memory reprocessing, including off-line memory consolidation, transfer, integration, and erasure.

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Understandings from neuropsychology, cognitive psychology and learning theory are combined within a rehabilitation framework that takes tài khoản of the personal context and surrounding social system.

Unfortunately, many cognitive scientists have opted for a preferred cognitive paradigm while ignoring or misinterpreting critical technical issues.

Other representations concerned with technical, cognitive and musical skills may be acquired concurrently.

The changing nature of the cognitive representation of words as reading acquisition took place was discussed.

Rather kêu ca either pictorial or symbolic, it might better serve cognitive science to lớn recast this debate into a problem in both pictorial and symbolic terms.

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However, cognitive recovery may not be complete even when depressive symptoms resolve.

Their theoretical model outlines a causal links between various cognitive and social processes and the resulting behaviour.

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